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Many practitioners can see the benefits of training with a wooden dummy. This practice was brought into the mainstream arena of fighting styles by the kung fu style Wing Chun. While every Wing Chun technique can be applied and trained on a wooden dummy, artists business styles are also adapting their particular training to apply with a wooden dummy.

Wing Chun is a close range type of combat so all techniques focus on fast advancement and moving past your opponents strikes to acquire close enough to to the close range tools to become truly effective. In theory a larger, stronger person would have no advantages more than a martial artist who's been well competed in wing Chun classes london Chun because they might have to be able to get inside and attack from close range. The centreline can be a very important principle which is known a great deal. This is the concept that individuals work using a central axis that is often a horizontal line that goes between the two fighters chests. Attacks hitting as close for this line as you possibly can would be the best. Good targets range from the eyes, nose, throat and groin. All punches, kicks and movements used from the art are based on strikes or creating the ability to strike successfully a long this centre line.

An important objective is usually to maintain control over the attack line between you and the opponent. This is called the guts line and you must dominate this. By staying centered on this one line you feel very efficient in your fighting. Also, there will less moves to utilize which simplifies your learning. Moving to take care of control over the center line is very subtle with small body twist as well as simple steps.

If you have a mook jong to utilize in your own home, one recognizable benefit is you can apply it anytime you want. Whether you want to train in the heart of the night or throughout the wee hours of the morning, the dummy is accessible. No need to set a meeting and check in case your training partner is available or otherwise. It can be acquired twenty-four hours a day, 7 days per week.

Another key factor about Wing Chun is its use of energy or sticky hands. This is when both your hands or wrists get in touch with your opponent's wrists or forearms. The contact makes all the connection seems like an expansion bridge and you then use sensitivity to manage your opponent's moves with deflections.
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